Sunday, March 21, 2010

untuk kawan

Dear friend
Im sory if I ever hurt you
Im sory if my word make you uncomfortable
Im sory if my behavior annoys you
Im sory if I ever make you cried…
Im sorry if I forget u once
Im sorry if I don’t invite you to laugh and happy with me
Im sorry if wasn’t there at the moment u need me badly
Im sorry if I forget to congrats u on your special occasion
Im sory if mad at you
Im sory if I ever made u mad
Im so sorry if I can’t be a good friend of yours..
Coz im not perfect…
I’ve tried my best to be the best for you
Thanks for being my friend
Whether you forget me..
Either you hate me ...
Or annoys you…
Or talk bad about me..
Never mind..
U r still my friends…
And I still love you..
Tengkiu arigato for being my precious friends in my life..

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